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 Bleach ● Dark Truth

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Recently, the intelligence department in Soul Society hit a rather interesting phenomenon involving human spiritual awareness. Almost all humans are capable of detecting ghost activity on some level, but there are those with a heightened sense of things, and it is them that Reiatsu flows into so easily. These spiritually advanced humans have developed strange powers and powerful souls, two things that a Hollow loves to digest most.

With the sudden spike in environmental Reiatsu, more and more of these humans are appearing, and with them come Hollow attacks. More Hollow attacks means more human death, which means more food for Hollows which means stronger Hollows which means more human death which means more food, which means stronger Hollows. The downward spiral continues.

Though Soul Society is at a loss for exactly why this is happening, they need to stall while they figure things out, sending in more Shinigami as a means of slowing the increase in Hollow numbers. However, this also leads to more humans, since a good deal near the Hollows during their destruction are capable of spiritual awareness, knowing of Shinigami. Not only that, but high spiritual awareness also helps to resist Shinigami memory wipes.

The Hollows are growing more and more restless by the day, and their hunger growing ever deeper. Something must be done.

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Bleach ● Dark Truth
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