Aliens, Humans, and Robots at war.
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 Our Main Weapons

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PostSubject: Our Main Weapons   Our Main Weapons EmptyThu Jan 22, 2009 5:02 pm

Here are some weapons and shields and things!! Most of the high-tech weapons are used by the Jenzou or aliens, most Humans either have older weapons, or steal high-tech ones. (Some guns will look like ones we have now... just go with it! And bear with me, I'm not a gun person, well I'm a girl so whatever, I don't know everything about guns, just don't have a hissy-fit because I didn't get it perfect.)


1. The ZLH2, Sniper Rifle and Short-Barrel

Our Main Weapons HK_AMRa_Mk_II

This is basically a laser gun, shoots a small laser blast capable of doing as much damage as a normal bullet.

2. The 8o2 IL 8-Round Automatic Pistol

Our Main Weapons Futuregun2

Basic pistol except for it being automatic and having an 8-round barrel.

3. The VxZ (Automatic) known as the "Whale-Harpooner" to the Humani Resistance

Our Main Weapons Future_gun_color_named

This gun was designed by the Jenzou Brigader General, made to be used for long-range combat. Instead of using fire it uses particles around it to shoot large harpoon-shaped bullet (shown above). This gun is infamous by being used by the current Brigader General, being very light and movable, they are able to be carried on the back.

NOTE: there are many other guns but these are the most famous and or used.

Our Main Weapons Robot_girl_by_EelGod
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Our Main Weapons
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