Aliens, Humans, and Robots at war.
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 Sarrow Momchi

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PostSubject: Sarrow Momchi   Sarrow Momchi EmptyThu Jan 22, 2009 6:57 pm

Name Sarrow Momochi

Age 21

Gender Male

Race Human

History He lived on Earth his whole life then the robots turned against them. His parents were both killed by robots they had to help them. out of rage he grabbed a buster sword from one one his father's collection and even though he was young his rage earth allowed him to wield it. Before the robots could shoot him they were both already in half. Now he fights in the military to save the Earth from the Mechanic Menace. Somehow even though he is a young soldier he has risen to the rank of Major General.

Appearance 6 feet 4 inches ande very muscular.he wears Camo pants and a random jacket he found in the army base. He has short brown hair and piercing blue eyes.

Rank Military Major General

Personality He is strong willed and out going. He will fight any enemy to protect his friends. He hates almost all races except for anyone that is peaceful. He will kill any Jinzou and will never give up. He is also very strong and uber smart.

Powers Human s he doesn't have any.

Role playing [Sarrow's first battle against the Jinzou] Sarrow was furious and his eyes glinted with hate. Both of his parents lie dead on the floor. He goes straight to the wall and grabs a buster sword from the rack his father has. He doesn't care if it's hbigger than him he picks it up and slashes one of the Jinzou in half. The other Jinzou tried to rase his weapon but he was cloven in half before he could fire. Sarrow then set out on a journey to find the militay that would span many years always dragging the buster sword behind him.
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Sarrow Momchi
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