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 Batuo [Human]

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Name: Batuo

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

History: Batuo was born in a monastery that was high in the mountains, far from the Jinzou destruction and terror. The monks named him after the first abbot of the original Shaolin temple. He was raised as a protector of the monastery because the monks knew of the Jinzou and the dangers’ they brought with them. They taught him the Wushu style of martial arts and trained him to not only use the traditional staff or pole arm, but also how to throw knives, wield a katana, and in the use of small blades. Batou mastered all of the arts that were shown to him, but excelled more than anything else in the use of the katana and pole arm. He gained a general knowledge of every fighting style that the monks had a book on in their vast library.

When Batuo was 19, a group of 5 Jinzou came to the monastery looking to learn the art of Shaolin Kung Fu. But when the monks refused to teach them, they went berserk and started to attack the monks. Luckily for the monks, Batou was at the ready the entire time that the Jinzou were there, as soon as he saw them start to attack he grabbed a pole arm off the wall and charged them. The first one he hit never saw it coming; he slammed the pole arm into his sternum knocking the Jinzou in half. After the top half of the Jinzou hit the floor, the others noticed Batuo and started toward him. He then took three of his throwing knives he stored on his hip and threw them into one of the Jinzou heads, that meant two down and three to go. Seeing as they were coming to a monastery with no guns, they didn’t bring any with them, so they could only rely on their hand to hand combat skill. The three looked at each other and nodded as if they talked some other way then actual speech. Then two of them charged at him, one on each side. The one on his left side moved faster so Batuo thrusted the bladed side of the pole arm towards his neck, cutting off his head sending the head flying backwards and the body crashing to his feet. Batuo then jumped on top of its limp body and slammed the other end into the Jinzous’ leg, causing him to flip end over end into a wall. Seeing an opening to kill the fourth one, he ran towards him with a small knife drawn, once he was on top of him, he started to slice the vitals of the Jinzou causing the limbs to fall off. He then got up and took a katana of the wall and faced the final one. The fifth one, who was dressed differently and must have been the leader of this group, started to speak to him, “You do not want to fight me human for I will surely kill you and the monks you so preciously protect.” “You think you scare me Jinzou? You think that because you threaten me with death that you can stop your destruction?” Batuo laughed to himself,” These monks taught me to not fear death, or anything but fear it’s self for that matter.” And it was those words that were the last thing to be computed through the androids computers, because as he ended his sentence he found energy he had never felt before, and rushed towards him with the katana in both hands as if to spear the Jinzou, but when he reached him instead of running him through, Batuo slashed and slashed at him until he was no more but a pile of scrap.

Seeing the destruction that the Jinzou could cause, the monks told Batuo to wander the land until the last Jinzou was slain before returning to them. So Batuo took up the pole arm and katana that he fought with and packed a backpack with his throwing and tactical knives, some clothes, and a bed roll to meditate and sleep on. Before leaving the Monastery, he took one last long bow towards the monks who had become family to him and was wished him a safe and plentiful journey. “May you return one day to us after peace has been restored to the land,” the abbot said to him. “And your days be blessed,” Batuo said turning and beginning his journey.

Appearance: Batuo [Human] Mksm_subzero_render

Rank: Wonderer

Personality: Batou has a peaceful frame of mind and always seems to be meditating when not busy with something. He has acquired an extreme hatred toward the Jinzou and doesn’t easily trust others that he has no prior knowledge of. He is peaceful towards everyone and would rather knock someone unconscious then kill them, but will kill when necessary.

Powers: Advanced martial arts skills. Above average skill with multitudes of melee weapons, specifically advanced with the katana and pole arm.
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EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

no jk accepted
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Batuo [Human]
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