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 Ronoskai Aka Wolf

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PostSubject: Ronoskai Aka Wolf   Ronoskai Aka Wolf EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 1:36 pm

Name: Ronoskai



Race: Human

History: He lived in a peaceful town where his family about a year of happiness and it all ended in one fail swoop of the accursed androids. His family was killed one by one they fell first his father who fought back with everything he had.He was then killed because he was a threat to them they had no other choice he was going to over power the wave they had sent but he blew threw most of them but then the all came at him all at once and ended his struggle.The sword his father fought to the death with was on the ground as the cloth from it swayed in the wind.It was over.After that Ronoskai's grandfather took him and ran away for a while they were safe but then they found his grandfather after he was coming home from some unknown place the approached and swiftly did away with him.Ronoskai was in hiding so he saw safe but he see right infront of his eyes his grandfather was killed in cold blood.Ronoskai went back to the town he came from and took up his fathers sword and ran away into hidint to train and be safe until he could get strong enough to fight the threat.

Appearance: He has a caramel skin tone and he usually wears black and white he has ha long white scarf that is always around his neck.It's always fluttering into the breeze on the back of his black coat is a big white wolf paw print on it.

Rank: N/a

Personality: He is usually quiet but he is also very strong and doesn't like to take a whole lot from other people.He is quick to get into a fight.He is a very fine martial artist a master almost until his grandfather was killed.He is ver emotional at times but will bite your head off in a second.

Powers: N/A

Role Playing Example:Rolin stood on a cliff seeing over the town and sniffed the air with his shirt opened slightly. It was really cold tonight, not like he could notice. Being a werewolf guaranteed him heat 24/7. He smirked and walked away from the cliff and began to walk through some woods thinking to himself about nothing and everything. He knew nothing of where he was. He smiled slightly at his foolishness.He was still kinda crazy from slaughtering his family. He began to walk again progressing through the woods. Then he picked up the scent of a deer. He began to walk towards the smell and realized he was hungry. He looked at it. It was scared stiff because it knew what he really was. Rolin smiled and walked up to the deer. He put a hand on its head. The deer flinched a little. He looked at the deer and smiled and said in a soft and low voice, "It's okay, I'm not gonna kill you." The deer began to shake more and was looking at Rolin. He smiled at it and softly took his hand away from the deer's head. It turned away from him and ran away quickly."Flee if your afraid. If I were gonna kill you, you would have been dead long ago," he called after it. Rolin smirked and walked away slowly and began to think to himself again.Soon after walking a fairly short distance from where he was he began to smell a disgusting scent.He looked all around to verify the scent but it was unapparent to him,the smell just shifted and shifted.All of a sudden it stopped and came back then the stench got stronger."Well,well lookie here a pup." An unfamiliar voice came from behind Rolin's back.Rolin opened his mouth and uttered the words "a pup is nothing that describes me.Im Far beyond that" he said in a calm and deep voice.The voice was close to Rolins neck and it whispered in his ear "so your an alpha wolf huh?" He voice said mockingly "did I say that,no I didn't I said I was beyond a pup." Rolin said in that calm and steady voice.

The voice in his ear blew mist from the cold air into his ear "than what are you?" The voice said. "Im merely myself" Rolin said to the voice."Come on boss just let us kill him,please!" Another voice emerged from further behind "fine do as you wish with him,he bores me." A pale white figure appeared in Rolin's face,it was a blue eyed vampire the vamp. looked into Rolins eyes and smiled wickedly. "Your mine pup..." Rolin was slowly getting pissed "get out of my face your scent is unbearable." The vampire backed away smiling more evilly then he shouted out to the other vamps that were with him. "Hey boys ready to have some fun?!" He yelled. "Yeah!" They all replied in a yell. "Ya see pup there's noway your gonna win" Rolin was not intimidated in the slightest.He had the same calm expression on his face "you see pup a year ago you killed 2 of our own.So now we're gonna kill you" Rolin sighed and took out a lighter to burn all the shreds he was gonna rip them into. "Fine if you wish to die than step forward" one vamp. stepped forward he put the lighter he had in his pocket again and sprinted towards the vamp that stepped up.He phased and ran towards the foul scented blood sucker he then did away with him in a series of swipes. The vamp was in shreds on the ground, Rolin phased back and took the lighter out and knelt down and set the shreds on fire. He stood back up and looked at all the other vamps there were 6 more of them including the leader.They looked at Rolin with wide eyes he had the same calm expression in which he had before."Next" he said.The vamps growled at him slightly afraid the leader held his arm in front of them to stop. "Forget it we're" the right hand man vamp. said "but boss..." the leader cut him short "you wanna end up like that." He said pointing towards the other vamp that dared step foot forward ashes. "N-No...." he said "than you'll be wise to obey" he vamp. nodded the leader bared his fangs at Rolin and turned and began to walk away. Rolin shook his head "fools..." he returned back to his walk.He began thinking to himself again with his hands in his pockets making his way out the forest.

OOC:My Twilight Rp
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