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 Sarrow's Search

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PostSubject: Sarrow's Search   Sarrow's Search EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 2:10 pm

Sarrow had just gotten to the desert. He had bought a shovel from a vendor and was now looking at the map his father had made. Supposedly the map would lead him to the rest of the set that his sword belongs to. Sarrow's father had told him of the weapons many times. The Dragon Flame Shotgun, The Dragon Claw Revolvers, and the Dragon Wings a pair of twin swords. He followed the map for many days. He had to fight many beasts that were mostly giant mutated scorpions. Sarrow spent the days sleeping and moved at night as to stay cool. He ran out of water the fifth day and had to start cutting open cactuses. He was tired of the food pills he had on him they had know taste and he longed for real food. Eventually he found the cave that the weapons were in but it was filled with Jinzou. "Looks like I'm not the only one who is looking for the weapons." Sarrow smiled the jinzous really weren't as smart as they thought. Only the owner of the sword Sarrow now had on his back could wield the others of the set. Sarrow rushes in his sword raised he takes out the twelve guards easily then enters the cave. He fights through twelve more gaurds in the cave but he sees something he wasn't expecting. A huge jinzou was waiting inside for him. It laughed. " So your the puny man I heard about who would be looking for these weapons. i am Bayron the Mighty." Bayron charges at Sarrow to swords coming out of his hands. A fight ensuse and Sarrow is wounded. " Ha ha puny man you have no hope of defeating Bayron." Sarrow's rage is now at its max and he can feel his swords ability activating. " Your going down now Bayron." Sarrow was a lot stronger now and cleaves off one of Bayron's arms. Bayron screams in pain but slashes at Sarrow with his good arm. Sarrow blocks but is hurt by the impact of the two swords. Sarrow rage is almost gone and so he decides to finish the now. Bayron attacks again and Sarrow laughs now and slashes the other arm off. He then slashes Bayron in half. " Stupid machine." He then sees the altar where the weapons are and picks the up. He test each on in turn and sees they have amazing power. He then starts his way back and is met with a giant sand worm. "Oh Shit." Sarrow is swallowed by the beast but sarrow cut out with his new swords. The beast rears in pain and tries to swallow Sarrow again. Sarrow pulls out his new shot gun and blows the thing's head off. Sarrow continues his way home and is faced with many more things such as giant scorpions, more sandworms, and the occaisional jinzou. Sarrow finally returns to the market and gives the shovel he had on him this whole time to some old dude for a cane. He then heads back for the village to rest.

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PostSubject: Re: Sarrow's Search   Sarrow's Search EmptyWed Jan 28, 2009 2:21 pm

OOC:Umm ok dont get mad but, what an epic god mode this is, if he is so mighty he should be alot stronger, and rage just fuels you for so long. also if there are challenges on the way out describe them then and if you go home dont tell us that you are drinking a lot of water, that right then would be an epic fail
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Sarrow's Search
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