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 Rasen Chikyuu

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PostSubject: Rasen Chikyuu   Rasen Chikyuu EmptyFri Jan 30, 2009 11:01 pm

Name: Chikyuu, Rasen

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Jinzou (Jinzhin)

History: When Rasen was created he was sent directly into an assignment. His first and foremost job was to assassinate a target of which he had no information about other than a picture. For reasons unknown to him he always new exactly where to go in order to catch up with the target. Although there was so much about himself he didn't know none of it seemed to matter. He followed the little information he had and finally acheived a prime assassination position within what he understood as the designated time period. As the assignment was continuing to talk in front of a large group Rasen heard the words "I don't know what I can do, so I will do everything I can.". At this point Rasen froze for a moment not of reasons of personal failure but for something else. This immediately shook off and he eliminated the target and ran. While running away he continued to seem to know exactly what to do to get where he wanted, wherever that was. After going to where he seemed to be instructed he was retrieved by a group of being similar to him but for some reason different. They were far more metallic, possessing none of the smoothness that he had.

Over the next ten years he was instructed on what he was but not who. In between assignments he was informed about his 'species' and what his purpose among them was. Assignments came one after another and in special circumstances at the same time. Like with all of these his superior 'insight' made every job as easy as the first. His abilities proved themselves outside assignments as well, since they allowed him to quickly progress through the ranks, not only proving his worth but also telling him to eliminate anything, even his own kind that got in his way. Within due time he reached the rank of Colonel. Which allowed him free reign to try to understand himself better.

Over the next 6 months as he was told time was percieved, he grew ever more focused on the words from his first mission. The strange wording his target had used that for reasons still unknown had frozen him in place. He spent any and all free time researching in various databanks until he found an obscure reference to an ancient 'human' philosopher that first said the words to define the human's greatest weakness claiming it was alsot their greatest strength. He filed the information and decided it would become a viable tatical advantage when confronting human assualt groups if he ever came across one.

Appearance: Rasen Chikyuu 0809
(The eye you can't see is completely red.)

Rank: Colonel

Personality: Like most of his kind he is a cold hearted, realitively unemotional unit. However unlike most of his kind he does show signs of emotions at random occurances. He sees everything and everyone in a simple perspective 'If your not with my, then your against me'. Because of this he is more than willing to eliminate those of his own group if they become a threat to his success. Should an ally become an enemy in this matter he will carefully catalog why this happened in case he needs to defend himself with such information.

-Future Sight; Rasen has an understanding so far beyond others that for reasons and methods unknown he seems to know exactly what to do to win. It is because of this that he has a 99.999% sucess rate for any and all assignments.
-Combat Inertia; When in combat sections of Rasen's body will open up to show a sort of engine that for some reason does not require refueling or control through some sort of data pad. These are used to increase the lethality of his attacks, increase his agility and survival probability, even be released from his hands as a weapon.

Role Playing Example: (From Soul Purify, where Rono recruited me from)
Rasen watched as his blade went through another one of those fakes left by the sonido of the arrancar. He was growing bored of that move since it seemed to be the only one she was capable of. He watched the air currents adjust due to her movements and held still long enough for her to get close. He made sure the wound went only skin deep while sneaking a toy out of his pocket. When she uncloaked herself he flicked the toy into the air and turned to her "Have you nothing else to throw at me?". After saying that he caught the toy and threw it directly into the ground. Upon contact the entire area become almost impossible to see through as the toy had exploded into a massive fog. He turned off the lightning blade so it wouldn't give away his position and allowed the fog to make him slowly become invisible as it thickened. Once he was certain he couldn't be seen he activated 100 swords and sent all 100 blades to the edges of the fog to hide.
(This is from a training session I have going with a friend. THe topic isn't even finished yet.)
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