Aliens, Humans, and Robots at war.
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 Example Application

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Brigadier General/General Commander

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PostSubject: Example Application   Example Application EmptyWed Jan 21, 2009 1:43 pm

Name: Ganji Takashi

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Race: Jinzou

History: After the long battle with the Humans, Ganji made a big impression on his fellow Jinzou. His skill on the battle field and intelligence made him the best candidate for General Commander of the Jenzou Army. After many years of serving as General Commander, making his presence known among the Humani Rebellion, He needed someone to take over after he was destroyed or terminated. This is when he had another Jinzou created, Genje, who he gave his last name to, and claimed her as his daughter. Though Jinzou cannot love, Genji feels that every one of Genje's actions is under his control.

Appearance: Example Application Robot_by_bib0un

Rank:General Commander of The Jinzou Army

Personality: Protective

Powers: Super-strength, super-speed, high intelligence.

Role Playing Example:

Turasho, after a long day of practicing, was heading back home... He glanced at the sky and smiled a bit. Turasho had changed a lot in the time that had passed between now and when Satoko was captured. He started to look more like his father, white streaks appeared in his hair, he grew it out again too. His skin not tanned, but turned even a shade paler.His used to be yellowish-gray eyes had glazed over with a bright and striking red. He had grown and 2 inches, making him 6'11'' now, instead of his previous 6'9''. Instead of the collar around his neck, he no longer needed it. All he did was summon his new weapon, a ridiculously long katana, and sealed inside of the katana was his doll. He also no longer needed to use verbal commands, all he had to do was think, and his doll could be summoned.

As he walked down the street he saw a familiar face. A young, short girl, who he slowly recognized as Yumi, one of Àna's huge family, running off. As Turasho passed by he followed the girl with his eyes and smiled. it's been forever since I've even seen Àna... maybe... he thought before he stopped. He looked up only slightly to see just the crimson-haired girl he had been thinking about.As his red eyes starred at Àna he didn't even smile as he greeted her.

" Hello Àna..." he said, his voice a bit darker then the last time they had talked.
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Example Application
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