Aliens, Humans, and Robots at war.
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 The Opening

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PostSubject: The Opening   The Opening EmptySat Feb 07, 2009 6:10 pm

Renya was on her parents farm, it had been about 2 weeks since she last visited them, but she thought it was about time she dropped on by and helped out with the work, after all they owned a large land and even with all the help they had it still was never enough.
She stood in the sun, it burned her skin like fire, yet she lived with it, she was part farmer, this was her life! Her mother was off in the distance, a tiny little dot hidden in the tall grass pulling out flowers. The small smile crossed Renya's face and she looked ahead again, this area, this farm was so open, so wild and also taimed. It brought back memories.
Renya knelt down, she pulled out a bit of grass, her small knife beside her as she hacked away at the licker twigs that caused all the horrible problems when farming, it made the feilds look tacky and un worn, her job today was to get rid as much as possible and the basket beside her was only half full, she had a long way to go.
A small breeze ran around the feild, it was cool and soothing, taking away the sting of the suns bite for a small second before that burning returned and the breeze calmed down again. She sighed softly closed her eyes, looked around again and then started to work, letting her ears be her eyes for any hint of in coming trouble.
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PostSubject: Re: The Opening   The Opening EmptyMon Feb 09, 2009 11:21 pm

A man came limping into the area where the girl was he had bruises,cuts, and scrapes all over his body.One of his eyes were closed and one was open slightly he had a sword at his side so it probably meant that he was in a fight.(Duhh!)
He fell to the ground next to a bush and was knocked out.His sword sat at his side as he was on the ground.
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PostSubject: Re: The Opening   The Opening EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 1:59 pm

Soki had saw the human and went to him, he had stayed a safe distance away, since he did not want the genma to see him. He wasn't sure if they knew of the Oni or not. But Soki was only there to protect the human in case the genma attacked.
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The Opening
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