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 Subject: Renya La-Finda

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Subject: Renya La-Finda Empty
PostSubject: Subject: Renya La-Finda   Subject: Renya La-Finda EmptyThu Feb 05, 2009 5:42 am

Name: Renya La-Finda

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Genma (Genma look like humans and are the most peaceful and loving race)

History: Renya has lived with her family for some time, she farms when she can and learns what she must. She was born as a farmer and fighter, she showed talent at about 7 years old and has been trained in 2 arts. She farms and looks after the land of her family and helps others out. Her entire 21 years she has lived with her mother, father, grandfather and cousins, though 4 months ago she moved away and settled down into her own little home working on the land she owns, however her cousins tend to stay with her as he close friends do. While born fighter she keeps the peace of her people, having to live up with 5 cousins all boys she learnt quickly how to open her mouth with comments and defend attacks off. She respects everything and doesn’t like violence after seeing what it has done to some people’s farms and lives. (I’m still working on it)

Appearance: Renya is about an average of 5’5ft (165cm), her build is very small and weak looking as she seems defenseless though there is something about her appearance that allows you to know she moves well. Her eyes are very big and her mouth is very small and looks like she is wearing a light pink lipstick, her skin is fair and her hair is short and deep red, her eyes are a maroon colour seeming red but in fact are a mixture of browns.

Subject: Renya La-Finda Rose

Rank: Civilian

Personality: Renya is very Intelligent, she normally will be able to tell you anything especially about the land and plants, she is always reading and seeking knowledge, though she can not always out smart her opponent she uses her brains and turns things around making her seem rude and tricky. She is good at tricking people though is horrible at lying. She is very open minded and speaks her mind a lot not really thinking about her words before she speaks them which also makes her seem rude. She is reliable and one hundred percent to her word, she hardly breaks a promise and will stick by your side if needed, unless she has something else to do in which case it’s ‘cya later’.

Enhanced senses: Her lack of smell is brought up in enhanced hearing. Sure it is not supper hearing though Rose hears like a dog, very well. She also is able to see like an owl throughout both day and night.
Renya is a master in some Tai-Chi and can use it into a powerful defense, she also knows some Kung-Fu.

Weapon: This is her sword, she carries it from time to time. She made the sword by hand engraving one of her favourtie languages onto it combines into one language, if she read it and ran her hand along the blade another exact same sword would appear, however the strength of the second would be less than the first one, it would also only be half the size of the larger one, when she speaks the words backwards the second sword vanish's again (the second sword is built into the large-first sword and detaches when she speaks the words)
Subject: Renya La-Finda BlessedSword1

Role Playing Example: Ana pulled her bag over her shoulder more frowning at it, it had been annoying her for the first half of the day.
As she entered the dinner hall she noticed a kid bump into a teacher and blinked, not often she saw that. Though it was a voice that caught her attention. She looked over to the direction. Ana walked up to the group seeing a bundle of orange hair, as she got closer she nearly laughed at Ichigo's face but stayed quiet standing right behind Keigo.
"Keigo my friend!" she said raising her hand to say hi. Her head poked around from him and her raised hand turned into a point to Keigo "Is this guy annoying you?"

(I’d like to add her weapon in is that ok if I do so?)

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PostSubject: Re: Subject: Renya La-Finda   Subject: Renya La-Finda EmptyThu Feb 05, 2009 6:10 am

go ahead and add her weapons. Just please let me know abut the edit.

Other than that,


Subject: Renya La-Finda Robot_girl_by_EelGod
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Subject: Renya La-Finda
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